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Author:  toad [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  About Job Offers

Dear Mumpsters,

If you would like to post job offers in these forums, I've decided to allow it under two conditions.

First, you need to register your full name and location in your profile so we can tell that your post is not spam. The reason for this is that this is not an anonymous board; it is a community-building and -support site. It exists to help people making a career in medical informatics and related fields, where our actions can have life-and-death consequences for the patients our software supports. Therefore, although we can register under Internet handles, we must also identify ourselves and our locations to reflect our willingness to be held accountable for the things we write here, to create an environment of trust.

Second, please post such job offers in the forum "MUMPS Products, Announcements, and Job Offers" under "GENERAL MESSAGES - MUMPS USERS GROUP". Take your time with these posts to make sure you include sufficient information for readers to understand the nature of the offer, including everything needed to distinguish it from similar offers and any contact information needed for those interested to investigate further. Please create only a single thread per job offer, though of course you may reply to that thread as often as you like.

We will approve any job-offer posts that meet those two conditions but will disapprove those that do not.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours truly,

Frederick D. S. Marshall
VISTA Expertise Network
Seattle, Washington

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