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Author:  rustybucket323 [ Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Help

I'm trying to create two programs and I'm stuck beyond no END.
Problem 1:
I'm having the user read a line about "Peter" but then I want the program to change "Peter" to Paul. This is the code I've written so far.

    n str
    f  r !,"Enter a line about Peter: ",str q:str=""  d
    . s str=^XNAME(str)=""
  f  s str=$O(^XNAME(str)) q:str=""   s $E(str,$F(str,"Peter")-  $L("Peter"),$F(str,"Peter")-1)      ="PAUL" w !,str

Any Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Problem 2:
Character Counting in a string?
This is something That I just can not figure out.
For example
 n str
 f  r !,"Enter patient's name: ",str q:str=""  d
 . s ^XPTNAME(str)=""
 w #
 f  s str=$O(^XPTNAME(str)) q:str=""  w !,"A = ",$L(str,"A")

I used $L to hard code each line for each letter or character, but I think that would be labourous. I understand that I will need to use $ASCII and $CHAR. I'm just not sure how to get it accomplished

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